The New MP Rotator MP815

MP815 Offers Higher Matched Precipitation Rate at an Expanded Radius

Ideal for design flexibility in a range of applications, we’re proud to welcome the MP815 to the industry-best MP Rotator family.

As the newest member of the popular MP800 Series, the MP815 features a 20 mm/hr matched precipitation rate and an expanded radius range of 2.5 m to 4.9 m in two models: adjustable arc range from 90°–210°, and full-circle 360°. With the addition of the MP815, the MP800 Series now covers radius ranges from 1.8 m to 4.9 m, so you have more control over system design and water application.

Hunter is the only company to offer three matched precipitation rate options for pop-ups, giving customers the most choices for irrigation management. To maximise water-use efficiency, choose the standard MP Rotator, which has a slower precipitation rate of 10 mm/hr. This is perfect for tight soils, as well as steep slopes to eliminate runoff. Use the 20 mm/hr rate of the MP800 Series for medium-grade soils, gentle slopes, and small spaces. Spray nozzles, which have higher precipitation rates of 40 mm/hr, are great for sandy soil applications.

The MP800 Series maintains all the benefits of the MP Rotator’s patented design, including slow nozzle rotation, wind-resistant streams, high distribution uniformity, and a double-pop feature that prevents debris from entering the nozzle.