Colour Guard A Lawn Game Changer

Colour Guard – Instantly Green Your Lawn

When we first heard of Colour Guard, we were a bit suss on what the actual lawn would look like after it has been applied. Would it look like someone had just grabbed a can of green spray painted and sprayed the lawns?

Before we took on the product to sell, we ordered a couple of bottles so we could try it on our own display lawns. We tried the pre-mixed 2lt hose on the bottle. We found (as with any of these clicks on hose bottles) it is difficult to get the flow coming out right and too hard. Furthermore, the bottle empties quickly, too slow, or it doesn’t come out properly. Once we found the right setting with our tap, we were genuinely surprised by the results. Our lawns were at their worst point of the winter dormancy and after applying the colour guard–they looked natural and vibrant!

We found that the first application lasted a good 1-2 months before it was time to re-apply. This time we used the concentrate bottle and mixed it in a spray pack. It was a lot easier to apply in the spray pack because it gave us more control over where we directed the spray and we were able to adjust the nozzle to the right flow to get our desired results.

Since we started selling the product all the customers have given it the thumbs up.

PROS: well priced, easy to use, honestly gives a natural lawn look, helps with frostbite, all-natural, and eco-friendly.

CONS: 2lt bottle can be hard to get the flow right to apply, can stain paths & pavers if not washed off straight away, and you may need more than the suggested application rate on the bottle.

Overall, we give it 4 stars.