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Triple 7 Envirobore


Non toxic, Non – corrosive, readily biodegradable bore, tank, filter and pipework cleaner. This high performance, totally organic formulation keeps bores, drilling equipment, pipework and associated systems free of iron bacteria, organic and scale deposits. Envirobore is free of harsh chemicals such as oxalic acid, caustics, biocides, chlorine or petroleum products.

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Triple7 Envirobore is a non-toxic, readily biodegradable bore, tank, filter and pipework cleaner.  This high performance, totally organic surfactant formulation keeps bores, drilling equipment retorts, pipework and associated systems free of iron bacteria, scale and organic deposits.  The product contains no metallic or acid based products, including oxalic acid, and is non-corrosive.

Triple7 Envirobore will not harm stock, waterways, soils, grasses or plants when used as directed.

The product may reduce / remove iron staining in some instances.

When the system is being dosed with Triple7 Envirobore, it will inhibit algae and slime in tanks and troughs.

The product also acts as a wetting agent, enhancing growth during irrigation.


What is Iron Bacteria?

Iron Bacteria are micro-organisms which live and grow in ground-water distribution systems.  Slimy rust coloured ‘biofilms’ are produced, which cause many problems including an increase in the costs of pumping, repairs, maintenance, and in some cases, can result in the drilling of an entirely new bore.

A regular maintenance dose of Triple7 Envirobore will prevent iron bacteria, improve the water quality and protect the pumps and equipment.


Preventing Scale build-up due to hard water

Many industries using bore or hard water experience mechanical failure due to calcium or scale build-up causing hot water system failure and seizure of pumps, valves etc.
This results in expensive downtime, repair costs and the need for stand-by equipment. Regular maintenance is required on pumps that freeze due to scale formations on rotors, ports, etc. along with motor, shaft and bearing damage due to extra loadings.
Failures can be overcome by dosing Triple7 Envirobore into water mains prior to the pumping equipment. Dosing rates of 20ppm are normally sufficient to control scale build-up if the equipment is not already frozen and inoperative.
If scale has built-up in a pump or hot water unit, it is recommended to use Triple7 Enviroscale, a bio-based descalant, an excellent alternative to traditional Hydrochloric Acid based products.

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 15 cm

Triple 7 Envirobore 5lt, Triple 7 Envirobore 20lt