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Galcon 2 Zone 20mm Alternating Valve


The Galcon Alternating Valve allows you to expand a single station tap timer with multiple start times to two zones.


Categories: , , Brand: GalconWarranty: 12 Months


Galcon alternating valve, when one station becomes two. The unique alternator valve used in conjuction with tap timers that have multiple start time.
The Galcon Alternative Valve is used to convert household garden taps into two zones, anytime the tap is opened water will flow through one zone to the irrigation system. After Watering is completed and the timer is turned off the red indicator arrow will point to the opposite zone ready for the next watering cycle.

  • Minimum operating pressure: 100Kpa
  • Maximum operating pressure: 689Kpa
  • Maximum flow rate: 20Lpm
  • 20mm threads

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