Gardens can make you enjoy a beautiful scenery each day. The challenge is on how to maintain its majestic beauty as sustaining it can be incredibly time-consuming. Maintaining your garden does not only revolve around established beds, newly laid lawns, and structural botanical displays, it also concerns installation of an irrigation system. The existence of plants that are healthy requires proper irrigation. Irrigation improves soil quality during seasons with less-than-average rainfall as well as helping to grow and maintain plants. This article will share the typical costs for irrigation and garden products in Melbourne. The typical installation costs in Melbourne starts from $129 to $204.

What are the factors that affect costs for irrigation in Melbourne?

Size of the area and terrain. Costs for irrigation involves the length of time the job needs to be finished. The size and dimensions of the garden will also affect the required size and number of sprinklers.

Kind of irrigation system. Sprinkler systems and drip irrigation are the two main kinds of irrigation systems. Sprinkler systems should be in the correct position to avoid wastage of water. Sprinkler heads should be directed towards the garden and not onto buildings, roads, or driveways. In order to avoid leaving a dry area beneath, the sprinklers need to arranged in an overlapping manner. Drip irrigation systems have numerous benefits such as the use of less water, runoff reduction, overspray elimination, and evaporation minimisation. Malvern Irrigation helps in the installation of irrigation systems in Melbourne.

Kinds of plants. Exotic and flowering plants need more care compared to native shrubs. Costs are influenced by these.

Season changes. The care and upkeep of gardens, plants, and shrubs depends on the season because of the availability of water.

Location. Different states have different costs when it comes to irrigation because of the standards of living and varied climates. The cost of gardening services in Melbourne is different from the cost in NSW.

Equipment and Material. The cost for irrigation also includes the labour and use of equipment to finish the project. There are also varying costs for technical skills and design.

What is the cost for installation of irrigation systems in varied cities?

Area Cost ($)
Melbourne 129 to 204
Canberra 260+
Adelaide 150
Perth 70 to 125
North Sydney 97 to 112
Gold Coast 50 to 60
Brisbane 55 to 65

How much do garden products cost in Melbourne?

Product Price($) per Bag
Crushed rock 6.50
Pebbles 20 mm 10.00
Granite grey 20 mm 20.00
White washed sand 6.50
Garden blend soil 9.00
Organic compost 6.50
Pine bark 10 mm or 20 mm 6.50

What is the cost for setting up irrigation systems?

Costs range from $70 to $1 000. Pricing is just a guide and not the exact amount. The cost depends on the setting up of less expensive manual irrigation systems to automatic irrigation systems.

How much does it cost to have an irrigation system supplied and installed by a licenced irrigation installer?

The range is from $10 to $27 per square metre to install and supply an irrigation system.

How much does it cost to install a sprinkler system?

The average cost to install a sprinkler system is $3,700. The minimum cost spent is around $2 900 and a maximum cost of $4 500.

How much does drip irrigation cost per hectare?

The cost per hectare for drip irrigation starts at $1500.

Gardens can provide a relaxed state for people who enjoys in its aesthetic beauty. Taking care of its beauty requires proper irrigation. If you need the services of an irrigation system services provider, you may contact Malvern Irrigation. Our company has experienced installers who can also provide you with a free quote. Contact us today!