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Hunter X-CORE Outdoor Irrigation Controller

Hunter X-CORE Outdoor Irrigation Controller


This entry-level residential controller offers simple operation with “smart” Solar Sync compatibility. With easy-to-configure control for up to 8 stations, including 3 programs and 4 start times each, the X-Core is the perfect solution for residential applications. Plug in the revolutionary Solar Sync ET sensor and the X-Core is converted into a “smart controller,” that regulates irrigation runtimes based on locally measured weather. X-Core is also compatible with Hunter remotes for quick, wireless activation of irrigation. Installation, operation and maintenance are designed to be simple while still delivering optimal efficiency or reliability.



Entry-level Controller for Residential Projects in Melbourne

The X-CORE outdoor irrigation controller by Hunter is an entry-level residential controller that’s very easy to operate. But while it might be straightforward to operate, it doesn’t lack in the functionality department. It’s also compatible with the advanced Solar Sync ET sensor and Hunter remotes for even more intuitive installation and maintenance. When you pair it with this sensor, it becomes a smart controller that can also regulate irrigation run times using local weather data to limit water usage. 


In addition to using locally measured weather to adjust run times, it also uses other sophisticated water conservation technology. For example, if you don’t want to use the optional Solar Sync sensor, you can use its seasonal adjustment to change the watering schedule to adapt to the different needs throughout the year. It also offers a variety of independent day scheduling, such as interval watering or odd/even watering, to optimize watering.


If you’ll be watering tight soil or a slope, it’s a great choice. It has a Cycle and Soak feature that gives you the ability to reduce runoff by dividing the run time into shorter watering periods. 


Not only does it offer loads of functionality, but it’s also dependable. If there’s an unplanned power outage, its non-volatile memory will keep the current program and correct day and time. What’s more, its Easy Retrieve™ memory will keep the preferred program as a permanent backup. Though, just to make sure that everything will run as planned, it also allows you to run a test program for all stations. 


Key features:

  • Control as many as eight stations with three programs and four start times each
  • Two options for seasonal adjustment
  • Run time can be set for up to four hours with one-minute increments
  • One-button manual start 
  • Closed case
  • Indoor and outdoor model available
  • Programmable sensor override
  • Diagnostics

More about the brand

Hunter Industries is a family-owned manufacturer of best-in-class landscape irrigation and outdoor lighting solutions. Founded in 1981, they offer thousands of products that can be used for residential and commercial setups while promoting sustainability at the same time.   

  • Number of stations: 2, 4, 6, 8
  • Type: Fixed
  • Enclosures: Indoor and outdoor
  • Independent programs: 3
  • Start times per program: 4
  • Max. station run time: 4 hrs
  • Warranty period: 2 years



A manual back-up utility that stores complete controller scheduling and setup information in back-up memory. This allows the saved watering schedule to be restored at any time. This can be used to set a controller back to its initial settings after tampering or at the beginning of a new season.


The Programmable Rain Delay feature incorporates a user specified number of days to keep the controller in the OFF mode, then allows for the system to automatically revert back to scheduled irrigation. This will prevent watering during an extended period of inclement weather, but will resume watering automatically without requiring a return visit to the controller. The controller displays the number of days remaining before watering resumes.


The QuickCheck feature makes field wiring issues easy to assess with the push of a button. QuickCheck displays an ERR message when a field wiring short is detected on a particular station number.


This feature offers protection against unreliable power, retaining current time, date, and program data.


Automatic short circuit protection is a feature found in all Hunter AC powered controllers. This feature automatically detects electrical faults, which are typically caused by wiring issues. Only affected stations are skipped, allowing all other stations to water normally as programmed. There are no fuses to blow or internal circuit breakers to trip, so complete irrigation system shutdown is avoided.


This feature allows for quick adjustments to irrigation run times through a percentage scale. During peak season, set the seasonal adjustment to 100%. If weather conditions require less water, enter the appropriate percentage value (i.e. 50%) to cut down irrigation run times without the need to adjust each station in the program.  This model offers two different ways to use Seasonal Adjustment to reduce water usage: Global and Daily.

Global: The Global option provides a Seasonal Adjustment percentage to all station Run Times on all of the controller’s Programs.

Daily: With the addition of a Solar Sync ET Sensor, the controller has the ability to automatically implement daily adjustments based on measured local weather.


Users can program a delay between stations as the controller advances from one station to the next. This delay can range from a few seconds (to permit slow-closing valves additional time to close) to a much longer period of time (to allow pressure tanks time to recharge), based on user requirements.


The ability to specify which program or stations will be shut down in response to a specific sensor alarm. This allows stations or programs unaffected by the sensor to continue automatic operations.

Additional information

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 15 cm

Hunter X-CORE 4 Station Outdoor Controller, Hunter X-CORE 6 Station Outdoor Controller, Hunter X-CORE 8 Station Outdoor Controller





Electrical Specifications

Transformer input: 120 VAC or 230 VAC (international model)
Transformer output (24 VAC): 1 A
Station output (24 VAC): 0.56 A
Pump/master valve (24 VAC): 0.28 A
Sensor inputs: 1
Operating temperature: -18º C to 66º C


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