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  • PondMAX EV Low Voltage DC pumps are suitable for use in many different applications including fountains, water features, aquaponics and ponds. They come standard with a 2+1 year warranty, giving you a peace of mind with your purchase.  
  • AQUAPRO solar pumps have been manufactured with advanced technology to provide you with the best quality system for your pond or water feature. The AP1200SP offers value for money with simple panel and pump design. They come with a full range of fountain accessories, such as a bell nozzle and daisy nozzle. These pumps are best suited as water features or a fountain. Ideally located in full sunlight only.  
  • The Aquamax range has become the only solids handling filtration pump, Unequalled in reliability, performance and economy. With a unique swivel ball joint and a large wrap around strainer, this pump can allow particles up to 4mm in size to pass through the pump without causing damage. Coupled with low power consumption in comparison to traditional submersible pumps.  

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