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  • Brass spring check valves are widely used on pump, irrigation, commercial and industrial installations. These valves have female BSP threads and feature a stainless steel spring to ensure water only flows one one and prevents back shyphonige. They will operate from -20 C - 100 degress C.  
  • Brass Swing Check Valve

    Brass female BSP threaded swing check valves are mainly used in irrigation and pumping installations. These valves have a brass swing check that only allows water to pass through one way, with the back pressure shutting the gate when not in operation.  
  • Hunter HCV Check Valve

    If you have ever been faced with a job site that features extremes in elevation, then you have first-hand knowledge about low head drainage. Unfortunately, a system that requires ups and downs to fit the landscape will find that the water in its pipes seeks out the low points when the system is at rest. That typically results in messy puddling at the heads located at the lowest elevation and, ultimately, wasted water on walkways. With the Hunter HCV, this will never be a problem again. Easily adjust to the proper check height and insert this remarkable product in between the riser and sprinkler head. If you've ever used an HCV before, you know just how simple this is – it's the easiest to adjust drain check valve available and can handle elevation extremes up to 32 feet. However, what you probably don't know is that it is now constructed to schedule 80 specifications, making it more durable and long-lasting than ever.  
  • PVC Swing Check Valve

    Pvc slip swing check valve are a one way valve widely used in irrigation, pump and pool installations. These valve slip and glue onto pvc pipework and must have back pressure coming back onto the valve when not in operation to remain closed.  


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