Irrigation Clamps The Most Important Irrigation Fitting

Quality Irrigation Clamps by Toro

Too many times, we see and hear from customers who’s irrigation system has failed due to inferior clamps blowing off their pipework and fittings. Sometimes, customers not using them at all.

Now, Toro has launched their own range of irrigation clamps being the “HIPPO” Clamp and low-density ratchet clamp range. Backed by a strong national campaign from a reputable brand, hopefully, customers can now become better educated on their choices when it comes to a clamp range.

Firstly, their new HIPPO Clamp is a metal irrigation clamp for superior strength when it comes to clamping fittings onto low-density pipework. The new range is colour coded. This makes it easy for the customers and resellers to identify which clamp is right for the sized pipework and fitting. The bags are resealable; which means no more loose clamps being lost or going everywhere in the back of utes.

These clamps have been tried and tested in harsh conditions, before being released in Australia and we now use them on all our own irrigation installation. Best of all, these clamps are well priced. The one downside is the tool needed when using the clamps. If you are a contractor, it is well worth the investment but can be pricey on a D.I.Y job. That’s why if you decide to go with the HIPPO Clamp on your own project, we have tools here that we can lend out to complete your job.

Secondly, Toro has also released their own range of Low-Density Ratchet Clamps. These ratchet clamps are Australian made and not imported like some other major brands. When you test them, the best part about these clamps is that they lock together straight and direct. You don’t get any sideways movement when locking the clamp leading to an unsecured fitting. These also come in a resealable bag; which just makes life easy when storing the clamps–whether it be in the shop or in the back of a work ute. The clamps are also UV protected, so above ground installations are all good.