Irrigating your Melbourne lawn, trees, vegetable garden, and plants seems like it would be anything anyone should know. However, realistically it takes some thought and careful planning.

Irrigation System Choices

Undoubtedly the best choice is having an underground automatic irrigation system. This is the most efficient method and the easiest to work with. It consists of an installation with underground pipes divided into zones. Each zone can be programmed to operate for a specific period of time (in minutes). One of the most advantageous elements is that it will come on at a specific time of day on the day of the week you designate. How easy is that? They also usually come with a sensor, so that if it is raining, the system will not operate.  Wow! This is one of the greatest ways to save water.

The sprinkler heads pop up at just the right time and sprinkles out water into the area. Then they retract and the next set pops up. Working with a professional irrigation installer in Melbourne, you will be able to successfully irrigate your lawn, gardens, and trees effectively. Your home will be the pride of the neighbourhood and all you will have to do is sit back and enjoy your lush landscape.

Drip Method

The drip method is where you string out a specially designed hose that has holes in it. When you turn on the tap, the water comes through and slowly soaks the ground. This is particularly great for vegetable gardens and flower beds. You will need to set a timer so that you can turn it off, but it is low tech and still gets the work done and allows you to use water efficiently.

The soaker hose is also good for watering trees because they need a deeper watering. The best way to handle this chore is to wrap the hose around the base of the tree in an increasing circle that should extend to the outer limits of the branches, called the drip line. Engage the tap and turn it off or set it on an automatic timer.

The drip method is not very good for turf, however. As you can imagine it would be a mess to drag around through the yard and then move it for mowing. Yuck!


This is a system that many Melbourne residents use. It is not necessarily the finest for all cases but it does work. It is more manual because periodically the sprinkler and the hose will need to be relocated to the next part of the yard. That means turning off the tap, slogging through the damp lawn, moving it to another area, and possibly having to detach and reattach the hose at the spigot. Not nearly as simple as pushing an irrigation button.

One thing to remember, don’t leave the hose strung out across the grass or you will find that when you move it again, you will have a patch where the grass is damaged and looks unhealthy. Keep in mind at the end of each watering session, the sprinklers and hoses need to be removed and stored.

Hand Watering

As far as lawns go, hand watering is the most inefficient method because you are standing around directing water from a hose back and forth across the grass. However, for small planting areas or potted plants, it is great if you don’t need to use a lot of water. You just need to be sure the nozzle is adjusted correctly and you don’t over or under water your lawn or garden.


If you are looking for the most exceptional method of keeping your landscape in good shape, the one that wastes the least amount of water, and the easiest to operate, you need to find an irrigation installation professional. In Melbourne, the superior option is Malvern Irrigation.  Check out the website to request a free quote. You can also ring us up on (03) 9576 2344 and one of our irrigation supply representatives will be happy to answer your questions.