12 Lawn and Garden Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

At Malvern Irrigation, you can get a free quote on irrigation, turf installation, garden lighting, water features and much more. Thanks to our many years of experience in the gardening sector, we are proud to give our customers guidance in finding the perfect solution for their house, whether they’re looking for a new lawn or a garden refurbishment for the Summer.

Thanks to our wide range of products, you will be able to keep your garden looking healthy and beautiful without any professional help.
If you have a garden or lawn to look after, here are the 12 most important tools every homeowner should have:

1. Lawn mower: A lawn mower is an essential purchase for all homeowners with a lawn or a garden to look after. The choices are wide; from self-propelled mowers to ride-on ones, you can browse through the different models until you find the right one for your needs.

2. Spreader: We offer a range of spreaders. So, if you’re looking for an effective way to spread out your seeds and fertilisers quickly–this is the best choice for you. Our seed and fertiliser spreaders will suit both residential & commercial yards and gardens.

3. Weed whacker: An insider’s tip to getting rid of all the weeds in your garden, even in the places that your lawn mower won’t be able to reach!

4. Hose: At Malvern Irrigation, we supply a vast variety of garden hoses, nozzles, and sprinkles; perfect for your house garden or a commercial lawn.

5. Wheelbarrow: You won’t need this tool if you have a small lawn, however, if you’re working with a medium/large-sized garden, it is a good idea to get a wheelbarrow to help you carry everything easily.

6. Malvern Irrigation supplies a great range of garden lighting options; from the most traditional ones, (like halogen), to the most modern LED lights. All of our products are safe with a low voltage–giving you a product that is safe while giving your garden a brand new luxurious look.

7. Gloves: It is good practice to always wear gloves when handling weed or digging in the ground so make sure you get your hands a pair.

8. Leaf rake: Everyone knows the struggle of having to collect all the leaves trees shed during the cold season; that’s why leaf rake is a great tool to add to your shed.

9. Shed: Although this can’t be strictly considered a tool, having one can make your life easier. Gather all your gardening tools in one space and make it easier to find what you need when you need it.

10. Gardening Shear: A tool you will definitely need at some point whether you decide to cut fresh flowers or prune trees and shrubs. Choose a good pair of shears and they will last you for a long while.

11. Shovel: A shovel is an ideal tool to dig, till, and plant. Every homeowner should have one.

12. Irrigation tools: A more generic class of accessories that you will need to enhance your garden’s natural beauty.

At Malvern Irrigation you will find plenty of tools, from irrigation marker flags to riser removals to help you work on your garden in a more professional way.